Choosing A Cloud Service Provider – Accelerate Your Cloud Success

A cloud service provider generally organizes the infrastructure, offers network services, software services and other platforms for businesses and individuals. Moving the business operations and other work to a cloud platform can help in cutting costs and improved workflow. A Cloud Service Provider can significantly reduce the dependency on in house technicians and other hardware. Cloud service providers offer many services that help clients in a significant way such as maintenance of systems, security issues, backup and other support.

Consider the following points while choosing a cloud service provider

  • Services offered
    You should first of all know what exactly your needs are. Then make a list of the cloud service providers and see who all are providing those services that are of utmost importance to you. Cloud Computing needs are different for everyone. There are different ways to manage online documents, storing videos and photos, accounting solutions, CRM enabled services, etc.
  • Budget
    See your monetary capacity and pay for only that service that you want. So you should choose the cloud service provider that meets these requirements. Don’t go for the large upfront costs. Your service provider should give you the facility to add services later whenever you need them. You should choose a flexible service provider who can simultaneously increase your storage facility once your business grows. There are many plans for payment varying from hourly to annually. Choose a provider who can work as per your convenience.
  • Security
    When you are storing data through cloud feature you should see that how secure are the security standards of your cloud service provider. The security measures should be good enough to avoid any threat and should be constantly updated. Look out for features like firewalls, antivirus policy, encryption features, and user authentication and security audits. Ask questions from the service provider that who else will have access to the data except you and about the various compliance requirements.
  • Safety
    Ask your cloud service provider about the location and the security factors related to data centers. Seek information related to the servers where all your important information will be stored. Choose the cloud service provider after careful inspection so that your data is not lost or filtered in any way.
  • Provisions in case of data loss
    See what facilities the provider has to offer in case of data loss. See the compensation structure if they are not able to recover your data and what measures the provider will take to rectify their shortcomings.
  • Customer support
    There should be a facility of support 24 hours a day whether by phone or by online medium. See how competent the technical team is to handle all your doubts before choosing the cloud service provider. The downtime history should be negligible. You should see that they provide all support in set up and you are able to access your information in a very easy manner.