Benefits of Microsoft Azure for Small and Medium sized Business

In today’s competitive world, cloud computing is a highly adopted platform to run Small and Medium sized Business (SMB’s). Cloud continues to appeal the SMB across the globe due to the scalability, accessibility and availability of all business critical applications and infrastructure in one cloud.

The Microsoft Azure platform improve the ability to move critical business applications to the cloud without investing in expensive infrastructure for Small and Medium Businesses. Azure is highly preferred cloud platform for businesses looking for either platform-as-a-service or infrastructure-as-a-service platform. It offers a wide range of benefits and features that make Microsoft Azure is one of the best platform for Cloud Computing in the world of business.

Benefits of Microsoft Azure:

Microsoft Azure for Data Storage:

The widely spread business needs huge amount of storage space to manage, store and retrieve data. Microsoft Azure run through BLOBs technology to store video, files, documents and unstructured data. As per the requirement you can use import or export feature in Microsoft Azure to move data in and out.

Launch Website in no Time:

Users get a flexibility to develop website in any platform in quick time with Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Whether it is an open source development application or development framework, Microsoft Azure can make it feasible in no time.

Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines:

As per the business requirement Microsoft Azure allows you to launch windows or Linux virtual machine.  Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines endow you to get additional memory and processing power for managing high traffic applications without adding an extra server to your data center. Azure allows you to add as many virtual machine instances as required.

Microsoft Azure Mobile Service:

Microsoft Azure provides features that allow you to build highly engaging mobile apps for Android, iOS and windows platform. With the help of Azure Mobile services, you can work on Apps offline and later sync it as soon as it completes and also provides user authentication using Twitter, Facebook, Google or Windows Live social media portals.

It is just a small scrutiny of what Microsoft Azure can provide your small and medium sized business to meet the quickly evolving business needs. If you are serious about adopting cloud platform makes sure to include Azure in your list.