Why Security Assessment/Audit is Critical for an Organization?


Security Audits can identify security issues in websites, Network Security, Infrastructure, ERP and other Business Applications & help prevent hacking. Web hacking is on the rise and companies need to be made aware of the risks and the need for a vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Test to begin with. Alliance Pro is aggressively creating an awareness across Industry Verticals on the importance of Security Audits and how much it helps in reducing Production outages, Business Loss & Credibility.

Targets of Cyber Crime

The following sectors are the most common targets for Cyber criminals:

  • Banking and Finance Industry
  • Oil and Gas
  • IT/ITeS
  • Infrastructure
  • Government/Public Sector
  • Telecom
  • Pharma
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing

Of these above sectors, Banking and Finance sector is the top target for Cyber crimes at 74%.

Apart from targeting industries, Directors and senor management of the organizations are top targets of Cyber attacks at 64%.

Reasons for a successful Cyber attack

One or more of the following gaps or lapses in an organization leads to a successful Cyber attack

  • No Detailed Cyber Risk Assessment
  • No Cyber Incident Response Plan
  • Lack of Data Leakage Prevention(DLP) Tools
  • No Logging and Monitoring of Critical Systems

Impacts of Cyber Attack

Cyber-attacks impact business in different ways. The impact can be more than one way. It includes Financial Loss, Theft of Intellectual Property and Individual Data, Reputational Damage, Disruption of Business Processes, Regulatory non-compliance, Employee Morale, etc.,

Systems Targeted by hackers

Hackers target an organization’s Email Systems, Web Servers, End use devices like Mobiles, Laptops, Desktops, ERP Systems, File Servers Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, etc.,

Motives behind Cyber attacks

Hackers may attack the organization for Illicit Financial Gain, Malicious damage to business operations, Use System for further attacks, Espionage by Competitors, Act of War/Terrorism by another country, etc.,

Benefits of Assessments or Audits

By doing a periodical security assessment or audit, organizations have the following benefits:

  • Data and Information Security
  • Uncover inaccuracies
  • Prevention of Attacks like Virus/Phishing/Hacking
  • Optimize Deployment
  • Reduce Maintenance Cost
  • Protection against Data leak
  • Secure from Internal/External Threats
  • Achieve Organization’s business goal
  • Achieve Required Compliance level
  • Peace of mind

How Alliance Pro IT can help Organizations?

Alliance Pro IT partnered with all industry leading security vendors and has specialists in security auditing, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing and can provide with a detailed report on current IT infrastructure assessment with different levels of gaps or vulnerabilities and how to address them with the best and effective solutions in the market.