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Symantec Introduces Endpoint Security for the Cloud Generation 

 Symantec, the world’s leading cyber security company, announced the most advanced and fully-featured endpoint solution available today, bringing together deception technology, Mobile Threat Defense, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Hardening and intensive protection through advanced machine learning. Built on the company’s market-leading Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) platform, it is the first solution to deliver these capabilities in a single agent, meeting the challenges of the Cloud Generation by helping to simplify and optimize their environments, lower costs, and improve security.

As the business landscape evolves with the adoption of cloud computing and mobile technology, enterprises are working harder to protect employees across a diverse set of devices, while at the same time securing against new cyber threats. Symantec’s effective defense against attacks such as WannaCry and Petya has reaffirmed the need for a platform-centric approach that brings innovative security solutions across all devices, networks and applications to combat escalating threats. These challenges have become more difficult alongside a shortage in skilled cyber security personnel and the emergence of complex point-solutions aimed at solving singular security issues.

Symantec uniquely provides comprehensive endpoint capabilities in a single agent, allowing CISOs and IT teams to monitor, manage and contain threats while reducing operational complexity. And through its integration framework, additional partner solutions can be integrated with Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) and managed within Symantec’s single agent.

Alliance Pro IT new endpoint solution is exactly what our customers have been asking for – best of breed capabilities, integrated into a single agent, to help them streamline, lower costs and effectively combat advanced threats, malware and ransomware,” said Mike Fey, Symantec president and COO. “More importantly, these technologies are not simply integrated — they lead going toe-to-toe against their standalone counterparts in the industry. We call it Endpoint Security for the Cloud Generation and we are very proud to offer this level of advancement to our customers, completing another important milestone in our endpoint security strategy.”

Endpoint Security for the Cloud Generation takes a comprehensive, platform-based approach to the modern threat environment, delivering unique innovations advancing the cause of endpoint security. Symantec Endpoint Protection is enhanced with several new innovative capabilities, including:

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