McAfee cyber security solutions for Protect Endpoints and Cloud

McAfee Integrates Advanced Analytics to Increase Security Operations Center Efficiency and Protect Endpoints and Cloud.

McAfee Defends Most Prominent Attack Points On Premises and in the Cloud, Empowers Security Teams with Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning for Efficient Security Operations NEWS HIGHLIGHTS New McAfee Investigator solution applies advanced analytics to increase SOC productivity New McAfee Cloud Workload Security solution facilitates enterprises’ safe cloud use by discovering and defending elastic workloads within minutes McAfee Web Gateway is now available to run on Amazon Web Services McAfee Advanced Threat Defense sandbox technology available in Microsoft Azure Marketplace McAfee machine learning technology learns from 300 million sensors New McAfee innovations feature ransom ware decryption and steganography detection.

McAfee, one of the world’s leading cyber security provider , today announced new endpoint and cloud solutions that go beyond machine learning to take advantage of the speed and accuracy of advanced analytics, deep learning and artificial intelligence, and increase efficiency of security operations. Cyber threats and the data needed to defend against them continue to increase, overwhelming security teams and driving the need for open, efficient security operations. McAfee’s new solutions make use of the automation, reasoning and data curation uniquely provided by advanced analytics technologies, allowing security teams to easily discover and assess data and root out threats. Through human-machine teaming and an open and inter-operable cyber security platform, McAfee proves ‘Together is power,’ with collaborative security that defends against shared adversaries.
be situationally aware of security events and take swift action to thwart assaults, from the endpoint to the cloud.”
Enhanced Security Operations with Analytics.

New McAfee endpoint capabilities include:

Decision Making with Deep Learning: McAfee Endpoint Security (ENS) uses many layers of mathematical neurons, much like the human brain, to assist with decision making and ascertain potential threats.

Pre and Post Execution Machine Learning: McAfee endpoint machine learning reviews files both before and after they execute, gaining knowledge with new data and increasing protection against never-before-seen threats.

Machine Learning with Reach: Industry analysts note that many advanced analytics solutions require significant data to build and train models. Globally, 300 million sensors serve as a source to inform algorithms, providing a vast data set for McAfee analytics technologies to learn from.

Enhanced Security for Hybrid Cloud :

Leading industry analysts expect hybrid cloud workloads to quickly become the predominant enterprise service architecture. With the benefits of this model, however, come new visibility, management and security challenges for organizations to contend with. The new McAfee Cloud Workload Security (CWS) addresses these issues, allowing organizations to eliminate blind spots with automation, secure critical workloads without slowing performance and simplify management with the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO) console.

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