Microsoft Azure cloud solution-Microsoft CSP partner in India

Alliance pro IT has providing Microsoft Azure cloud solution to Small, medium and large scale organizations
as Microsoft CSP partner in India with 24*7 technical support, We deal SaaS, IaaS & PaaS services in Microsoft azure.

Compliance and Security:

Comparing AWS with Azure, Azure provides a comprehensive set of compliance rule with more than seventy compliance offerings. Azure’s compliance integrity is also checked by the fact that it was the first big player to contractually commit to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It is also well trusted by US government agencies because the development mythologies of Azure are embedded with security, compliance, and privacy. Azure also has FedRAMP High authorization which provides 38 Azure services and the best protection for your intellectual property with Azure IP Advantage, so you can work freely.

Regional Availability:

Azure has more data centers than any other cloud service provides. Azure has also set a goal to expand his data centers to 50 more regions. With the data center placed in the right region provides a great deal of help for your projects or your clients. It is an important part to achieve success and make your efforts count. Expansion of global data center region is Azure top priority- which will ensure that Datacenter will be located in the right region for your project.

Hybrid Consistency:

The key differentiator between AWS and Azure is hybrid consistency. Azure offers hybrid consistency which you can implement in data platform, security and management, application development, and identity management. Cost cutting of a hybrid cloud environment and risk reduction is done with the help of Consistency by enabling a common set of skills and which also offers portability of applications and workloads. You can also save 40% by switching Azure hybrid benefit from Window Server virtual machines.

Different Options for Developers:
Azure helps you develop and build anything the way you want, with different available frameworks and tools. Azure has many baked-in features which allow the developers to be efficient and productive. Microsoft Azure is the biggest Open source contributor to GitHub. Azure also supports different open source community projects such as Helm, fluentd, Red Hat, and Kubernetes which provides coordinated, multi-lingual supports across various products.

Intelligence and Innovation:
Azure provides machine learning capabilities, Blockchain as a service (baas), bots, and cognitive APIs to build intelligent solutions which you will not find in any other public cloud. By using these capabilities with GPU-based compute, you will be able to do high-performance computing simulations, real-time data analytics, and accelerate deep learning.

With Azure, you can utilize any language, framework or a third party application without having consent to it or requirement usage. Integration environment of Azure provides a safe ground for creating, testing, and deploying any cloud-based applications. The devices, applications, and data that company stores locally or in the cloud with the help of Azure act us Platform as a Service and it’s combining skills is transcendent.

Cost Savings with an Enterprise Agreement:
Enterprise agreements with Microsoft provide discounts on the Microsoft software and you can use these discounts to lower the pricing for Azure. Companies using Microsoft software are likely to have Enterprise agreements, and with that, you can obtain significant incentives for using Azure.

Advanced Analytics Solution for Big Data:
Azure Cosmos DB allows you elastically scale your application and you can use business analytics solutions to turn that data in competitive advantages such as forecasting and inventory optimization. Azure analytics capabilities help to filter the noises from the large data sets and so we can have valuable insights for business.

Implementation of IoT:
Azure IoT suite has pre-configured solutions which provide remote monitoring and predictive maintenance. Azure IoT has included an impressive set of IoT solutions, ranging from device and edge to data in the cloud. You can customize the design and open source, so it can run devices on Android, Linux, and open source technologies. Azure flexibility and impressive sets of services make it use the IoT.

To conclude, AWS and Azure are two super-giants of the cloud industry. But Azure has the edge because of compliance and security baked into his offerings, hybrid solutions, easy integration environment, and enterprise agreement. As it the security and compliance are the important factors while choosing public cloud for businesses, Azure wins the battle over AWS.