Lenovo Hardware

Alliance Pro are one of the largest Business Partner of Lenovo hardware.We are 18 years old IT company and largest Lenovo hardware products & Laptops suppliers in India.
Lenovo is a relatively new player on the IT market. Within a short time, the company has grown globally and may call itself the largest computer manufacturer in the world. The brand is sold in over 160 countries worldwide. Lenovo mainly develops hardware, specifically focusing on the computer industry. The products are innovative, beautifully designed and of high quality. Lenovo’s portfolio consists of laptops, tablets, desktops and workstations.

We are one of the largest resellers of Lenovo Hardware. Since a long time we are proud to call ourselves Lenovo Premium Business Partner Gold. As Lenovo Premium Business Partner, we have many advantages over other suppliers. Our expertise and knowledge are highly valued by Lenovo. This status also offers us purchasing advantages, which ultimately benefit you!