Antivirus is kind of software which is used to protect your computer against virus and spyware. The main role of antivirus is to detect the virus along with preventing and removing them from your computer. There are different kinds of antivirus software that will help the individual in entire field. We are one of the leading companies
that will help out you in getting the best antivirus software for your need.

Main role of Antivirus software

The main role of this software includes automatic along with manual scanning. Once computer get started this software starts scanning automatically, where they check the files downloaded from the internet along with the disc that are connected with the computer. This software is also indulged in scanning the hard drive which is the main part in the computer. Along with that, individual can also go for manual scanning where they can do scanning according to their requirement.

Benefits of Antivirus software

  • Helps to protects from viruses- It helps the users in protecting the computer from different viruses that are responsible for infecting computer data which results in loss of data. If individual goes for good package which is embedded with quality feature then it will help them to save your computer against viruses.
  • Helps in Tackling Spam Email- This software is also best in tacking Spam Email where this software helps you in controlling spam email, by not getting uploaded in your readable emails.
  • Additional features of parental control- This software is having additional feature of parental control where you can easily control over what children are looking in online mode.

The new threats are on is the AV updates at your network

Is ATP part of the solution at your endpoint

If yes, which AV are you using now? Can your AV be capable of detecting a signature based & non signature based virus attacks?