Encryption for securing your data

At Alliance Pro IT has providing data encryption solutions India, Encrypting your data is a very efficient way to achieve data security. Encrypted file can be read if you have the key for it or a password that will help you to decrypt the information that is stored. Thus all your data will be translated and protected from any security threats. If the stored information is in plain data then it is called as unencrypted data and if it is in encrypted form then it is called as cipher text. It can be done in two ways which are symmetric and asymmetric encryption.

The digital data’s confidentiality is very important to secure. The modern day algorithms are designed for the purpose of encryption which is vital to ensure the security features. Encryption helps in authentication so that the origin of the message can be easily verified. It leads to integrity that ensures that the contents contained in the message have not been tampered during the process of sending. It also gives an advantage to the users that the sender of the message cannot deny that he has not sent such a message.

We provide with all sorts of encryption requirements as per our client’s needs. All the major organizations use this method for securing their transactions. Encryption techniques are used in online sale and purchase, ATM transactions, in mobile phone usage while making a call and for various other purposes. If you want to avail the encryption services we are always ready to help you so that only authorized person can have access to the information that you wish to transmit for any purpose.

What kind of encryption you are looking for? Full disk encryption or file & folder encryption?

How may roaming users

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