Load balancer

Load balancer is used in context of information technology and it is a device that serves the purpose of a reverse proxy unit and it distributes the traffic or the network amongst various servers that are accessible at that time. It helps to enhance the applications performance by reducing the server’s burden in totality.

We provide you all kind of assistance if you want to set up this device at your preferred location. Your time will be saved and your work will get completed in an efficient manner if you are availing the benefits of a load balancing device. It can be configured using software, hardware or a combination of both these things put together.

We are always ready to help you with any kind of information and help that you require in the field of load balancers. It helps in the optimal utilization of resources and distributes the workload. The response time will be minimized and overloading of a single resource unit will be eliminated in the process. It is very useful option that can be availed by those websites which face the problems related to heavy traffic on their sites.

In this process the requests will get transferred to other servers which are having more capacity, if one of the servers is getting overloaded and is facing problem in providing the necessary services. Load balancing technique ensures that there is no hindrance in the normal functioning and sharing of information. We provide with the best load balancing solutions so that your communication channel is never disrupted.

are you using any VPN (Site to Site, SSL)?

Total throughput of the link?

How many applications & servers they are using?

Generally we can position this 500+users

Do you have SSL certificate of that server?

Based on ports we have to position SLB & ALB

Are you using any bandwidth management (Quality of Service)?

  • Link load balancer,
  • Server load balancer
  • Application load balancer

How many links they have?

are you using any NAT (Network address translation) configuration?