SharePoint Services

sharepoint-logocroppedAs Alliance Pro proudly flutters the flag of Microsoft across all possible products and services offered by the latter by being Large Account Reseller, Microsoft SharePoint collaboration platform is one of the elite services rendered by Alliance Pro to its clientele.

While MS SharePoint remains as one of the gigantic tools ever offered by Microsoft, Alliance Pro being the LSP of Microsoft ensures that our clients make the most out of SharePoint solutions by subscribing to us. Everything that’s pertinent to SharePoint i.e. ranging from consulting to migration is taken adequate care by experts from Alliance Pro that clearly unravels the difference between opting for SharePoint services from an unauthorized vendor.

Alliance Pro ensures that the SharePoint solutions they deploy at their client places are ready to be implemented and upgraded. For end-to-end SharePoint solutions and services, Alliance Pro is the only reliable provider out there.

How many links they have?

How secured is your Webserver, are you looking out for additional protection?

Do they configure NAT configuration in their firewall?

Are you using any bandwidth management (Quality of Service)?

If yes, which AV are you using now? Can your AV be capable of detecting a signature based & non signature based virus attacks?

For many users you want to deploy this encryption?

are you using any NAT (Network address translation) configuration?

The total sessions run during the peak hour