SIEM- Security Information and Event Management

This term is used in relation to computing or information technology. It is used for the purpose of computer security. SIEM stands for Security Information and Event Management which are basically software that combine information and event management process. You will get the security alerts in real time.

We provide the SIEM software and services for any security needs of your system and for various purposes related to compliance. SIEM helps in threat detection in real time and helps to have an analysis of the previous events that are related to the system’s security.

It helps in multiple areas such as aggregation of data which helps you in the process of consolidation, it helps in the process of correlation by using advanced techniques. It is an effective way to alert the system of any immediate issue that needs to be checked on. It supports dashboards which enables the users to see information very easily through patterns and charts. Compliance issues are also handled very easily using SIEM.

This is a wonderful way to retain the data for a long term in an easy manner. In the case of some kind of investigation you will be able to make the use of historical data in an easy manner. It helps in forensic analysis as well. There is facility to search across different logs and time dimensions based on the guidelines and specifications. If you need any help in relation to the SIEM software and its services we are always there to guide you and help you to use this facility.