Unified Communications

To take the non-real time communication at your firm to a next level by offering scratch-free communication protocols like Instant Messaging, Telephony, Video Conferencing, fax, SMS and other channels of interacting & data sharing, resort to Alliance Pro which offers the best-in-class Unified Communications solutions to your firm.
Alliance Pro has specialized in succumbing to the most customized communication demands of individual firms in the front and has developed a niche for itself in offering tailor-made communication solutions to businesses. Alliance Pro has gifted itself with a dedicated team of network personnel who’d understand the requirements of your business and make sure you get the best communications deployed at your work stations.

Benefits of Unified Communications from Alliance Pro

Following are the detailed advantages your firm can avail from Alliance Pro by subscribing to Unified Communications solutions.

  • As the name goes, the communication among cross-geographical workstations can be centralized with effective & integrated communication tools like Integrated Inbox, Shared Calendar, Group Chat services.
  • Alliance Pro helps improving the pace & efficiency of communications tools; as a result the overall efficiency, productivity & resource management can be optimized.
  • While communication can be simplified to a user savvy level, the investment of resources can be mitigated profoundly.
  • Unified Communications establish a transparent & efficient project delivery model as a result of a streamlined correspondence within your firm.
  • Alliance Pro through Unified Communications helps effectuate data sharing system within your firm which ultimately reflects in optimized project delivery system.