Windows Azure™

windows-azureMicrosoft Azure™ seamlessly integrates an organization’s existing applications and databases and enables easy migration to the cloud with little hassle. With Microsoft Azure™ being the flagship cloud computingsuite of the company, and Alliance Pro being a proud Licensing Solutions Provider of Microsoft in India, offers an exciting purveyance of Azure™ products to your firm.

Microsoft Azure™ suite is available in as Windows Azure™, Windows Azure™ AppFabric and Microsoft SQL Azure™. While Windows Azure™ offers exclusive options of computing, storing and running a virtual network of your firm on cloud, Alliance Pro is blended with finesse to offer you the customized Windows Azure™ solutions that suit your firm’s requirements in going cloud.

Windows Azure™ AppFabric remains to the developers’ hot crush by providing the most convenient platform on cloud to develop and deploy applications. It also helps take your business model and network onto cloud by providing access to the most convenient identity control on cloud.

Microsoft SQL Azure™ is the candy on the database side. To minimize the manual involvement in database management and to take the whole database system onto cloud, Microsoft SQL Azure™ is the best database platform available out there and Alliance Proffers the best of Microsoft to you. Everything ranging from installation to continousautomated upgrading of database versions, everything about database can be managed on cloud using Microsoft SQL Azure™.